Diversity. I don’t know what to really think.

Between articles on whitewashing and casting for diversity and the origins of characters and whether they matter to the Sad and Rabid Puppies of the Hugo Awards. Comic books have  their own problems, of course,  with the black Captain America to a histpanic-black spiderman to the Immortal Iron Fist and all those in between.


Is it real or politically correctness driven?

Does it matter? If the story is the story then what does it matter what the author’s intent is? If the genre is meant to fade because of lack of change, does it matter?

Does the audience want diversity? Or does the amorphous ambiguity only appear because we’ve never been exposed to it? Sales matter. If DC and Marvel push diversity and sales drop, then what’s the point of pushing? Bottom line, after all.

Still, the Fast and the Furious franchise…

Diversity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If there isn’t any push for it, then it won’t happen. And by “push” I mean “monetary insentive”.

I’m NOT here for the “Diversity just BECAUSE” cause. Or even the politically correct cause. I don’t think that stories need diversity because that’s a realistic view of our society and planet and demographics. I don’t need the cast of a show to have a token black man or Asian woman.

I’m here for the “doesn’t matter” cause.

Let me repeat that. DOES NOT MATTER.

In the same way it doesn’t matter to me that my brother is gay or that someone is transgender. I’m not here to fight for their causes, because they aren’t mine. I also don’t care that they exist because, well, that’s their world and not mine. Everyone has a cause to fight for because they care. This particular cry to arms I’m not here to listen to. It’s “not caring” but not because I dislike them. I “don’t care” because it doesn’t matter to me that my best friend is gay or what someone’s got between their legs that doesn’t match their genetics.

I don’t care who does what with who in the bedroom or if you cheat or stay faithful. It’s a moralistic approach to life that imprints my values on another. It’s a level of ego that I don’t abide by.

Is it a bit of privildge of say I don’t care or it doesn’t matter? Probably. Definitely.

I’m not going to argue against those words. But that’s what it is. Maybe, in the end, that’s the privildge we should all be extended.

From a creative perspective, diversity shouldn’t be an issue. Those Puppies should feel free to push their cause just as others should feel to push back.

I’m saying… I don’t care what ethnicity the cast is. Politics is politics. There will always be reasons to make someone white or not. And, frankly, there will always be reasons to hate a decision and rage against it. [The Ancient One]

Diversity might just need “to be”. What I mean is that the origins of a character, frankly, mostly don’t matter. With the exception of a select few, most characters are only white because of when they were created.

When we delve into a fictional fantasy world, diversity matters even less. Often, we’re imprinting ourselves on the main character, so that if Harry Potter were actually black, it wouldn’t matter. Nothing about the essential core of Spider-Man/Peter Parker changes if he’s Asian or black.

So, make Parker black, make Johny Storm black. If the Human Torch slept around with every man in the city, like he essentially does with every woman, how’s that a problem?

Shorter version: Cast the best actor for the job. Write every character who is the character. If it matters to make them a certain ethnicity, then make them that ethnicity. If it doesn’t, why do people give a flying fuck?