Occasionally, I feel the need to write an “honesty check”. They aren’t the most egotistical things in the world. In fact, most of the time, they highlight deficiencies or details that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Why? That’s a decent enough question. One could never have accused me of having a healthy dose of confidence or being bereft of self-loathing. Perhaps not things I should admit.

To my point, this time.

I am not good at writing sensationalized, attention grabbing headlines. I mean, not good at all… I don’t have the ability to write a stunning headline.

I suppose I could get better at this. If I wanted to lose myself in the debauchery that is modern social media. I know that we need to market (sellout) ourselves. This seems to mean getting excited for things I just don’t care about.

Much of these pressure around social media is exposure. I don’t like the exposure. Not because I don’t want the attention on myself. I just think I need something to say and I don’t have it. At least, not with the frequency that it needs to break through when it’s really important.

There’s so many important things actually worth discussing that get lost in the white noise, meaningless, small talk that social media (twitter, facebook) promotes. Can you imagine my distain and apathy for ALL of this?

If you have something worth saying, say it. But most of what we have to say on a daily basis isn’t worth saying. Even if someone else wants to hear it.

Maybe that means that no one reads what I have to say because I can’t make a cute punchy headline. Maybe it means I’ll talk into the void. But that’s better for me and my ego than an assumption that someone else wants or needs to hear what I’m saying.