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Interesting note,  recently, I was engaged recently in a passing conversation with a friend of mine and I used several words which I have always assumed to be ubiquitous within the English language. After a moment, I realized that my friend had no idea of my intention. I hadn’t mumbled (pretty sure) and upon repeating my sentence, discovered the source of the problem.

My friend has no idea what the word “platitude” meant. Now, my friend is intelligent and versed in many things. But, as it turns out, this word they didn’t know.

I say this only to make the point that while I am attempting to post interest Words of the Day, I need to take a step back and remember that vocabulary isn’t static or even overlapping. Words I take for granted orders don’t know and vice versa.

Because, really, what the hell do I know about a hexadecimal or amicus curiae.