Thank you!

At some point in the last week, I noticed that I’d finally accumulated 100 followers. Also, though less important, I have published 300 posts.

The 300 posts doesn’t really concern me. Though it is a testament consistency and actually wanting to write this blog.

The important note is 100 followers. The people who read this little nook of the internet. To those who comment or find what I say curious enough to come back.

I know that 100 isn’t all that statistically different than 99 or 95, but it’s a change in the number of digits from 2 to 3. If I get to 1000 follows (something  I can’t imagine) that’ll be 3 to 4 digits.

So, thank you all. I don’t mind talking into a void, but sometimes it’s nice to know  there’s someone on the other end.