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With ESOTERIC complete, I no longer have consistently creative post material for Wednesday’s. Friday’s are reserved for flash fiction.

Subsequently, I have decided to post additional creative writing material on Wednesday. These thoughts don’t have to be complete. Occasionally, they might achieve completion on their own merits, but primarily, they exist as passages and attempts, points of inspiration for Later.

Regarding one Future plan: I want to write a sprawling science fiction epic. That plan, in it’s loose form (subject to change), is a finite seven book series. Which, as anyone knows, is a bit of stretch to begin with because I would need some spectacular sales and street cred to even ask for a contract that long, let alone make it that far.

Sidebar: Seven books because of seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, not seven books for Harry Potter. Says something about my inspiration.

Part of this grand plan is to have vast armadas of star ships that navigate the slipstream. I don’t just want to say things like “300 ships in a fleet” and then not know anything else about that fleet. I want names signifying culture and intent. Is it a WARship? A SCIENCEship?

Minding this, I am beginning to curate a list of names. At this point, unculled and raw, many names will share obvious and tangential similarities.

Ultimately, my goal is to assemble a list of 10,000 names. Not exactly plausible but, like “happily ever after” it’s nice to have dreams. To that end, I want to generate somewhere between 25-50 ship names weekly, hoping that will provide me a good catalogue as the years pass. And, maybe they will inspire other stories, too.

These are all names I’ve created since Friday, March 18th, 2016. Yes, many of them are similar. More than a few are incomplete. However, it’s a start.

  1. Emancipation of the Dying Light
  2. Empress of the Setting Sun
  3. Morpheus’ Sin
  4. The reconnaissance of twilight
  5. Imbalance of logic
  6. Twilight of Amber
  7. In obsidian clad
  8. Witness of the Immaterial
  9. Absolution of dawn
  10. Adolescents of dawn
  11. Obfuscation of evolution
  12. Alacrity of intent
  13. Soliloquy of Damnation
  14. Damnation’s Soliloquy
  15. Aeolian Windfall
  16. Fires of Arcadia
  17. Obfuscation of Gravity
  18. The Harmonics of Ascendancy
  19. The harmonic Ascendance
  20. Clarion Thunder
  21. Increments of Sacrament
  22. Ridges of Symphonia
  23. Harmonics of Incandescence
  24. Cessation of Probability
  25. Coalescion of ….
  26. Emergence of….
  27. Cessation of Intent
  28. Shadow of Intent
  29. The Coming of the End
  30. Regurgitation of….
  31. 5 centimeters per second
  32. Pantheon of…
  33. Pantheonic Regression
  34. Futility of Treaties
  35. The impracticality of friendship
  36. Infinite Adjudication
  37. Mathematics of Tears
  38. Obfuscation of Loyalty
  39. Obsoletion of Morals
  40. Obsoletion of Diginity
  41. Empires of Soletices
  42. Lady of Absolution
  43. Dignified Descent
  44. Color of the King