We’re back for another installment of something no one was asking for: the evolution of my writing style.

To clarify, I don’t mean writing style as used to describe my propensity for where to use commas or adverbs or sentence length. I mean to use writing style to articulate how my process for writing actually works.

Every author has a different preference.

  • Stewart O’Nan said he writes 300 words a day. Exactly. Every day.
  • Stephen King is famous for his compulsive, obsessive writing habits.
  • GRR Martin is infamous for only being able to write in a special room.

These are writing styles. Perhaps, more accurately, habits. Every author has habits, tendencies, that appear as they write.

I’m not entirely sure what mine are anymore. I can tell you what they used to be. In the time before my hand issues, I could sit down and write for hours on end. I once wrote 90+ pages of a draft in three days. [In hindsight, I probably should have been working on my Thesis but that’s another set of complications]

Now, it’s not that I don’t have that same drive, but with my hands, it’s difficult for me to follow this process and not feel frustrated by the pain it generates in my hands. I have attempted to switch over to Dragon Dictation but that has led to an unforeseen occurrence where it’s harder for me to get into a characters head when I’m speaking. All I hear is my own voice.

I think, because I can still write with a pen and paper, that perhaps I’ll learn to write everything down again in notebooks and then transcribe my thoughts.

I find that it’s often easier to think of things at work then when I sit down at my desk to write. I wonder if that’s the same principle as thinking of things in the shower, because you’re not focused on that thought consciously and it’s percolating. I also wonder if it’s not a bit of unfocused intent.

When I was writing consistently, before I had a full time job and when I was unemployed for 9 months (two separate occasions) the words came more easily. This current state makes me think of prolonged writers block. Exhaustion from the daily routine.

Part of this is “adulting” and part of it is striving to find a balance. But, my style, from parsing past experience, is definitely to sit down and write in chunks. Productivity is an added bonus of consistency.