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My thoughts on the matter are immaterial, opined the writer.

Thoughts: This one is relatively short. However, I struggled with it for several weeks. And I wanted to discuss why. If you’re up for some analysis, please keep reading.

For me, there’s a lot going on in this one sentence, with a complete thought and counter thought, along with some humor.

  1. The idea that all thoughts are immaterial seems obvious at first. Then, given that it is presented here, as a written thought, removes the immaterial nature of said opinion. Thus, the contrast is meant to be humorous.
  2. Originally, the fiction read “My thoughts on the subject matter are immaterial, thought the writer.” The parallel of thoughts and thought in the initial draft didn’t sit well with me. Mostly because it’s such a short sentence any repetitive words break that flow of fiction and, as always, every word matters.
  3. Who spoke mattered. A great deal. Here, the implications of any random person might not matter as much as the juxtaposition between a student or a teacher or, even, an author. The context of who’s speaking dramatically colors the story.