Whoops. I’m not sure how often we’re supposed to draw back the curtains and show the behind the scenes drama. I suspect the idea is never. It’s not professional – though I’m not sure I need it to be.

Too many articles on how professional we’re supposed to be, all the time. I say “we” in the sense that this seems to be a continuous trend in every aspect of life.

We will be perfect. In every aspect of the game.

Coach Herman Boone, Remember the Titans

That’s the idea. Except, as a practice, that’s not going to happen.

Now, I ain’t saying that I’m perfect, ’cause I’m not. And I ain’t gonna never be. None of us are.

Julius Campbell, Remember the Titans

This blog is an experimental vessel, at this point. I’m trying ideas out. See what works. Seeing what doesn’t.

But, that doesn’t excuse my own faults. I have the ideas (there are over 60 raw concepts just sitting in Drafts + another 10 in some form of Pending) but they aren’t being put into written form sooner. The obvious point, which I appreciate in sentiment, if not the particulars of the manner in which it was delivered, is that perhaps I should have my drafts written in advance.

This is a mea cupla.

I’m going to try and get better in this regard. If only because it helps the organizational structure.