The past of an author is a fascinating thing, don’t you agree? I mean, that’s definitely an abstract sort of concept. After all, it would mean anything from personal history to professional works. History (for the Greek history: a wise, learned man ((we can debate the systemic sexism involved in that another time))) is important to everyone’s evolution. (yay generic phrasing).

Okay, seriously.

By history, I don’t mean “What is his/her favorite food?” or “Why do you write?” Does anyone actually care if you met your wife in English class or if you’re a life long Phillies fan? Maybe?

I’m referring to work history. What did people do for a living before they became full time authors? Maybe they still work at those jobs. Not everyone was an English major. In fact, many of my favorite authors were not.

Alternate methods of employment include:

  • computer programer
  • NASA scientist
  • Marine-Biologist
  • Teacher

My point seems to be that it’s worth understanding the background of a writer. They come from diverse places.