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The goals I’ve chosen for 2016, hopefully, aren’t so massive that they become impenetrable barriers. For instance, I know that there are several limits that exist for me personally.

While, idealistically, I would want to write a weekly column for the Emergent Media Network, I realize that time and circumstances do put a damper on my ability to achieve this goal. Realistically, I can probably manage a bi-weekly pace for more in-depth pieces.

Primarily, this comes from a lack of experience. I haven’t quite learned to focus the intentions of any given piece yet, so that I know I wander unintentionally. This, then, becomes a question of efficiency and staying on point.

Secondarily, it is a matter of style. While it’s true that many websites attempt to project an atmosphere of impartial information, these are simultaneously the kinds of writing pieces that i find the most boring.

In this sense, my writings for the Emergent Media Network need personality. That’s one reason why I admire the former Grantland’s staff, particularly Andy Greenwald and Jason Concepcion, and the team of BlackNerdProblems. When I read their work, I can hear their voices shining through. There are people behind these points they’re articulating.

Writing drained of personality and style is worthless, even if the masses find it easier to consume. It’s also not worthy of my time. I want to write like Greenwald and Concepcion and BNP. I want to be worthy of the legacy they’ve shown me.