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2016 Goals (some of which I’ve already failed)

Read 1 hour a day (books). This is important. It’s a sense that I’m moving forward with reading and exploring other works. I’m not counting the hours I spend reading tech news or world news. That’s information gathering. It’s most definitely not the same thing as exploring someone else’s world. It’s also something I find consistently hard to accomplish. I have no problem on some weekends, finding endless hours to read, it just normally comes at the expense of something else. It also feels a bit like cramming for a test. I could have steadily been making progress and instead I’m rushing it all.

Write 300 words, daily. This is particularly hard. I’m not trying to count other words and I’m not asking for an average of 300 a day. I want AT LEAST 300 words a day. If I catch a drift and I can go for a few thousand that’s great too. I also know that at this point in my process, that’ll be hard. I don’t know the characters for this new story all that well. I have some names, but many just aren’t clicking. Importantly, writings for other projects won’t be counted, such as Dark Masters world.

Elizabeth DiFiore – We are, starting on January 20, 2016, putting out a group project. I’m not entirely clear on the publishing schedule yet, I’ll know that as soon as she posts the definitive schedule on January 20th. It’s a short story that I’ve written and she is illustrating.

Felix Hergood and the Emergent Gamer network. This is a weekly project of mine. It’s also the most “professional” so to speak. It’s a bunch of researched articles, sometimes opinion pieces on games, maybe other medias, too. I have over 20 ideas already brewing; I just need to write them. Hopefully with the chutzpah and flair of my hero, Andy Greenwald from the now deceased Grantland and currently of Channel 33.

Those are my major projects.

I have a handful of minor goals too:

  • Eliminating “bad habits” in writing. Discarding overused words
  • Expand my writing vocabulary.
  • Find out how to find an editor and what exactly that means, because, let’s be clear, there’s no way Googling it was making it any easier of a question to answer.
  • Quick book reviews: posting visceral, initial reviews to books. Perhaps in podcast format.
  • In-depth analysis of a book (the 3-4 thousand word variety) a few times a year, if they strike me as worth talking about.
  • Learn how to “tag” things properly. Here and on twitter. I have no idea why this is so hard to figure out.