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Using Dragon Dictation to write blog posts is a little weird. There is a significant disconnect between how I verbalize my thoughts and how I would write them—stream of consciousness—on-screen.


This makes writing blog posts difficult. The way that I am accustomed to typing and putting my thoughts on the page is not as simple when I am speaking them out loud. This is definitely a fun experience and I can see how that eventually when I beco—me more accustomed to it, it will become far more efficient.


One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that silence is far more awkward while dictating this. It’s like giving a presentation. Every moment of silence is magnified so that I’m watching myself right on-screen. It becomes almost awkward to pause and let that thought marinate. It’s interesting to notice how I repeat words when speaking that I normally don’t hear or to see just how a thought can get derailed when I pause, even for a second.


I can also see the rambling nature of my thoughts. When I’m writing it’s definitely easier to hone in on what I’m saying, to refine my thoughts as I’m typing them and keep on track. There is definitely a bit of a scatterbrained approach to dictating my posts.


It’s definitely far more efficient though. Well, if not efficient at the moment, definitely a lot faster. Certainly less stress on the hands. But it is getting better. Current use of DragonDictate is far more accurate than it used to be. I’m looking forward to getting better and better.