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I did something on Sunday I never thought I’d do. I sent an unprompted email to Brian McClellan, author of the Powder Mage Trilogy, asking him if he had any advice for querying a completely unique fantasy world.

I’ve never met McClellan and he certainly has never heard of my existence. But, I had just read his Powder Mage Trilogy on the recommendation of a friend. He built a world that stands without reference to our own, with unique cultures and rules. That is impressive and admirable to me, because that’s what I’m trying to do.

There are no reference points when trying to sell a complete new world. You can’t say Regent England or 24th Century France. You have to sell a vision of the world on its own merits and nothing else. No query letter examples I know of have shown me guide posts to doing this.

Up until five seconds before shooting the email off, I had no intentions of contacting Brian McClellan. It could even be considered a whim.

There is some semblance of pride involved right? I’ve always been able to muddle my way through things on my own, for the most part. I try not to ask for help. But, that wasn’t getting me anywhere. I don’t have contacts in the industry, I don’t know any other friends who are writers and know any agents. I have no idea if there are “unwritten rules” like in baseball.

My goal as an aspiring author is to have people read my work. Well, read it and enjoy it. Thus, I reached out to an author whose work I enjoy, who I have never met. I may not get a response, who knows, but on balance, what could asking possibly hurt?