Well I’m back. Hadn’t actually realized how easy it was to fall off the horse, until I looked back and realized that I hadn’t published anything here in well over five months. My brother would say that there are plenty of reasons for that. All I know is that I feel worse knowing that I haven’t done anything.

I think when I left, I was trying to do too much on my own for this blog. I had planned to scale back told one book review month, but I was also posting links and other things that I can’t remember why I was posting them. Self reflection is good. It can also be useful. But only if we actually try and put it to use. So this is me putting it to use.

Only back Tuesday to stop my thoughts on writing and back on Thursdays to do some creative writing again.

That said, it is 2230 on a Friday night and really all this is a say that I’m back.