The Curse of Punctuation

Like most things, people take their punctuation way too seriously in text conversations. The fact that everyone has their own rules and standards doesn’t make things any easier. Our own expectations are reflected back at us in phantom inflections.

Writers Conferences for Beginners

Also known as rules I’m going to follow. Or at least look into.  And it’s not actually for beginners. If you’ve ever gone to a convention, not just for writers, these are good rules of thumb to follow. Or you can do what my friends and I did one summer: randomly decide to attend a convention three hours away with no hotel plans, no budget, and no plan. Best time ever.


Watch Me Write

Ever wanted to watch yourself write? Visual cues have always been important when learning, either for an instrument (I played the cello) or sports (slotting of an arm on a pitch). But writing is about the finished product. Often, we don’t get critiques on drafts because no one wants to see them. But, if Draftback becomes popular among authors, we could see just how a creative mind gets to the end goal, maybe even learn from one another.

Bitterness from a former MFA Professor

I found this through a tweet from agent Sarah LaPolla. I don’t know enough about agents and being published [as in, I know nothing] to make any professional sense of his comments. However, I do think he makes a reasonable point about the neural connections formed for writing and reading at young age, even if everything else comes across as bitter and dismissive.