The Power to PERSEVERE

I write, not because I’m actually worried that I’ll fail or that no one will take me. I write because that hope of being published—not the despair of never actually being published—makes my existence worth striving for. Or bearable. Otherwise, life’s just a slog and I think that’s infinitely worse because I’ve seen what that’s done to friends who have no dreams.

7 Ways Writers LIVE in PARADOX

Everyone lives in paradox. Trust me, I work for the state government. But, ego does drive all things so this should make people feel better.

How to Get SOMETHING from a Writing Exercise

Isn’t this the point of most writing exercises? They don’t mean anything but they could? If so, how does this actually help anyone? Unless, you’ve never actually considered this before. I don’t get anything from my one liners either, except maybe they could go somewhere.

AI Ethics

For the record, I gave my characters life but I sure didn’t give them free will. I intend to torture them as much as I can (which happens to be a lot). Morality is a wasted effort in fiction. Though, in the case of potential real emerging artificial intelligence, that ambiguity of ethics and how we’ll twist them is far most disturbing.