I’m going to throw out some names. They won’t mean anything for a long time, since they’re star ship names that I’m jotting down for an eventual galaxy spanning science fiction series I want to write.

Ship names, very much like the names of attacks, have a specific cadence to them. Each tells a story beyond just their name, defining a history and etymology that further expands the ship as a character.

The following ships help comprise the seventh battle cluster of the Infinite Regression:

  1. Color of the Seven Swords
  2. Mistress of the Rising Tide
  3. The Sum of Eternal Energy
  4. Twilight of the Nine Moons
  5. Twilight of Shadows
  6. Twilight of Towers
  7. Infinite Twilight
  8. Snow of the Fallen
  9. Inception of Incandescence
  10. The Faraway Land of Never After
  11. the Keys to Twilight
  12. Twilight of Gods
  13. The Law of Gravity
  14. The On-Coming Storm
  15. The Cost of Honor
  16. Revenant Silence
  17. Ambassador of the Long Goodbye
  18. Infinite Twilight
  19. The Color of Dreams
  20. The Darkness of Fear
  21. The Shadow of Sleep
  22. To the Edge of Night
  23. Fire to the Rain
  24. Tears of the Phoenix
  25. Dawn’s Carriage
  26. the Finest Dreams
  27. the Keys to Twilight
  28. Twilight of Gods
  29. The Law of Gravity
  30. Victorian Romance
  31. A Dialogue of Aggression
  32. The Prominence of Dawn
  33. Foils of Memory
  34. Orphan Highway
  35. The Parting Glass
  36. The Castle of Glass
  37. Kingdoms at Twilight
  38. Dominions of Dawn
  39. Dilapidation of Delight
  40. Metamers of Dissonance
  41. Sublimation of Dawn
  42. Winter’s Gambit
  43. Percussion of Perception
  44. Discrepancy of Discourse
  45. Sin of Gravity
  46. Insolence of Dawn
  47. Ascension of Autumn
  48. Silence of Snow
  49. Celestial Recognizance
  50. Amber Eclipse

50 ships that help make up a battle cluster of over 700 ships.