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Hey guys. I wanted to try something. I used to post interesting weekly links, back when I was working on BBS (my partner there has since moved on to LookoutLanding. Check out his work if you like baseball or the Seattle Mariners). With that said, each week, on Saturdays (with the exception of Book Review Saturdays), or possibly Friday’s, I’ll be posting links to several posts that I found interesting or worth reading. Not just spammer links or anything. These are articles with something interesting and worth saying or culture.

Each entry will be presented with a short, often snarky note and an embedded link to the article. Hope you enjoy.

One Grammatical Mistake

Language Arts in schools should actually focus on grammar. Somewhere along the way, I literally skipped the year they taught grammar in public school. Kinda wish that hadn’t happened.

Healthier, Happier, Smarter Children (not Kids)

Encoding and learning. Patience and empathy. I’m not seeing a downside to writing. Though, I wonder how far off the deep end I would be if I didn’t read and write. Given my current mental balance, that’s disconcerting.

Scientifically Proven Love

We should take heart, right? I wonder if that emotional tenability is an ability that can degrade with time if not maintained properly. Most skill sets are. Thus, keep reading.