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I’m sorry. I tried to avoid this for as long as possible, but I feel obligated because I received this from Library Thing’s Early Book Review process. If it makes anyone feel better, I’m posting a series of interesting links later to make up for this waste of time.


The Christmas Kiss by Sharon Kleve.

First, let’s be clear about this: If this weren’t a digital book, I’d recommend using your copy as kindling for a fire.

Second, I’m so glad that wasn’t an actual novel, but rather 36 pages of… well… can you plagiarize soap operas?

This book is paint by numbers in the worst possible way. Each scenario leads inevitably to the next in such a predictable manner that it’s painful. The dialogue is stilted and unnatural, filled with unironic cliches. The characters are thin caricatures that think they’re real people, who also fall so hard into cliches themselves that it’s insulting.

Burn your copy and ask for a refund.