This is so uncomfortable… Which is exactly I’m writing this. Sex scenes. Or love scenes. Whatever termonology or euphamism or synonym you want to use, they’re complicated, potentially distracting passages.

I remember my brother taking a scene from the Dragon Riders of Pern book series and showing me, because, well, we were 15 and he loved the series. But that scene, one or two pages sticks out in my mind. Also, porn makes a bad name for these things.

Am I stalling? Damned right, I am. This is only a little bit like seeing into my head.




Hydroplaning. That instant all the power and precision met slick asphalt, coated with just enough moisture. Traction failed and for one instant, all control is lost.

When she had opened door, he had the entire evening planned. When she looked up, almost bashful—certainly endearingly embarrassed—and smiled. When her voice reached him (he felt certain later she had been saying hello, didn’t actually remember any of the words) any plans he had made vanished.

Hydroplaning. Their skin, meant for gripping, slipping and sliding, all the while grasping for traction and failing.

The humidity in must have been 95% with the temperature to match. She wasn’t running an air conditioner, it burned out in the heat wave the previous week. The weatherman said they couldn’t expect any relief. Nothing new. Just another summer.

So, they made their own relief. Heat lightning and thunderstorms.

Soft, thin hairs trembled in anticipation. Between her teeth, clapping tightly onto his shoulder and he returned the favor on her back with his nails, they both desperately struggled to find a grip, knowing they couldn’t.

They continued to slide.


Thoughts: More than a few different kinds of awkward.

Honest feelings are that, probably, I have spent way too much time reading— let’s call it adult fanfiction. It shouldn’t be smut or crude. This sort of scene can’t just be blunt force trauma. It needs some taste. I find that balance between overly adult and graphic detail hard to find.

It is entirely possible that a scene like this, taken out of context, is absolutely meaningless. If you take it without a plot, then you really are just reduced to a cheap porn.