I haven’t done one of these for a few months, so here’s one for the (admittedly little stale) new year. Five random ideas and quotes.

Do you have any idea how thin the ice you’re treading on is?

Treading? Dude, I fell through 20 minutes ago.


Listen! I understand it’s my job… I just don’t see why people are making me do it.


She’s a drunk.


So, the first thing you did was pour her a glass of liquor.

She’s had a long day.

Ain’t over yet.


Do you understand? Defending a planet means having the power to break one.


Thoughts: These are entirely useless on their own. Or the inspiration for something else entirely. Personally? I’m hoping inspirations for something insane.

Do they inspire you? What are the random “10 words” that inspired you?