I feel that I should preface this post with a disclaimer: What I’m about to say is not a complaint and I’m not trying to use it as an excuse.

My productivity is a function of time. The previous year, 2014, saw a precipitous drop off in the number of books that I read. I noticed this trend towards the end of 2013 when I got another full-time job. I went from a reading almost 70 books in 2013 (during which I read almost nothing from October to December) to reading only 18 in 2014.

This is unrelated to my writing, which I covered in my End of Year Stats.

None of this is to say that I would rather be unemployed, with the ability to read as much as I like and write as much as I like. I feel a responsibility to my household and to my own life to have a job that pays the bills. That’s part of being an adult. However, I do miss the ability to read and understand so many books.

With having a full-time job and the stress that comes with it, I simply don’t have the time to read as much as I used to, or would like to. In some ways, 2013 was like a dream year. I was able to put as much time as I wanted into writing, 30 to 40 hours a week, and reading as much as I wanted, which amounted to nearly 70 books.

I say this only in the context of the hope that one day I can return to that but as my job. As someone who can say I am a published author. That is my dream and it is one that I have not given up on.