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A few weeks after another round of Sixfold reviews and readings… So what did I think? Well, I think a lot of things. However, the central point that I got from this Sixfold’s edition is that even the worst published literature has some standards.

Sixfold, for all its good intentions, is still a group of amateur writers. And, it shows. Some of them are definitely better than others. But many of them, even the ones that show promise, are riddled with grammatical errors and a lack of attention to detail.

I would have had an easier time reading the stories if it appeared that the writers had put any semblance of effort into the basics.

The rules of grammar may be changing and the standard by which we hold life may be changing, so all the rules may not apply anymore. Yet, I feel in order to break the rules or disregard them we should know what those rules are, as a foundation. Sixfold doesn’t make me feel as if anyone has a solid foundation.

Yet, I know that is untrue. Virtually all of the works that I have read, even if I don’t like them, exhibit a higher level of technical consistency. Hell, I’d settle for any semblance of consistency.

Agents and publishers are in the habit of losing money. No one makes a business that way. At least not a successful business. So, maybe that’s the purpose of Sixfold. To show that standards do exist for the competency of basics in writing.