“We still have a 20 hour drive home.”

“It’s like 19 hours.”

“That’s basically an 20 hours.” Hera shrugged.

“Actually, more like 18 and a half.”

Hera rolled her eyes. In the darkness, Sandra couldn’t see that.

What was with Sandra anyway? She always picked arguments over the minor details. Did she have to prove she was right all the time? Hell, she wasn’t even proving that, just how annoying she could be.

Hera shuddered. They’d only started this trip seven hours ago. They still had another four states and twenty hours left. Could she stand Sandra that long?

Personally, she thanked whoever had invented satellite radio. She could listen to that instead.

She took the turn ahead gently, no sense in waking Tim, who lay passed out in the back seat. He needed to rest, his driving shift started in two hours. Smart kid, he’d put in earplugs.

Why wasn’t Sandra asleep? She’d stayed up all night trying to do… something. She hadn’t told Hera what. In fact, Hera hadn’t cared. She’d been too busy trying to get sleep.

She glanced at the digital clock. One hour and fifty-seven minutes, give or take a pit stop. Long night ahead.


Thoughts: Well, that… I have no idea where that’s going. Other than to say that some people are a pleasure to drive with on trips and others are not. Either way, you’re stuck with them for a while, so sleeping is often the best option.