I failed National Novel Writing Month 2014. Again. For like the 5th straight year. Didn’t even come close. And, yet, I don’t care. Nope. Not even a little.

In November, I have finished the following:

  1. Editing 18 stories for a Sixfold Competition
  2. Put together my initial list of agents I want to submit to.
  3. Researched those agents in detail.
  4. Composed, edited, trashed, rewritten, revised (over and over and over) a Synopsis. That first attempt was like 12 pages. Now it’s ~500 words. And, I’m fairly sure, it makes sense.
  5. Researched how to write a Query (see: read hundreds of attempts by others, a few successful, and countless documents on How To.)
  6. Realized my first attempts at a Query were horribly misguided and started from scratch.
  7. Written a Query. Well, actually, see Synopsis details for that one. Because, the Query is much harder and I’m not even close to being satisfied that I’ve figured it out.
  8. Wrote 8,000 words for NaNoWriMo.
  9. Wrote two book reviews.
  10. Figured out how to use Dragon Naturally Speaking effectively. (Oh, HELL YES!)
  11. Posted all my posts in a timely fashion (though, my friend might disagree with my definition of timely).

Not all of that falls under the guise of “writing” in the sense that I didn’t sit down and put 50,000 fresh words to paper, but damn, if that’s not rewarding. So, yes, I failed NaNoWriMo, but I did a lot of other stuff related to publishing and bettering my craft. There’s no way you convince me that’s a lost month.