I have to remind myself on occasion why I do these monthly updates. They aren’t sexy and sometimes, the numbers appear downright demoralizing. And, last month, I forgot. Whoopsies. Also, it’s entirely possibly that posting something like this is seen as unprofessional. (Am I allowed to admit that?)

But, I need it. These updates help me. I need something concrete to keep track of what I’m doing. Even if I think it’s not a lot, I need to know I’m doing something.

Words for November: unknown (this is tricky. See, I’m fairly sure it’s about 15,000, but I’m not sure. It’s entirely possible that it’s higher. I spent a fair portion of this month working on my Synopsis (the seemingly impossible beast of condensing 117,000 words into 500) and my Query (the actually impossible quest to pitch myself in 250 words). Both of these are creative writing exercises, even in their professional forms. Thus, I’m not exactly sure how many time I rewrote both or how many pages I’ve scribbled into my notebooks. So, there’s that.)

Words per day: unknown (500, if my guess for monthly total is correct. Possibly higher, but conservative is the enemy of optimism in this case)

Words for 2014: 79,321

Hours: 62.5 (conservatively, again)

Music to Listen While Writing: Arrow OST, movie OST

Book update: 

  1. Ch. 01-19. Touch up and final read through.
  2. Ch. 20. It’s complicated?

Thoughts: Closer. Closer. Closer. And, I failed NaNoWriMo. Though, I’ll talk more about that on Tuesday.