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This isn’t NaNoWriMo excerpt. Instead, it’s something much more pressing. DISNEY is a family company right? I mean, in theory, DISNEY caters to children and families. That’s one of the core principles Disney is known for. Except, how many Disney stories actually have a happy, well adjusted family?

Answer: Not many.

  1. Mulan (maybe)
  2. Brave
  3. 101 Dalmations

So, how’s this for a story idea I’m writing tonight:

Young girl loves Disney movies. Her parents take her to Disney world every year and get her all the Princess dolls. There’s only one problem, one her parents haven’t even realized yet. With no happy, stable families as a role model, the girl expects her parents to die in a horrible, mysterious accident by the time she is nine years old. She is seven.

Thoughts: Disney’s been making animated movie classics since 1937. That’s not a lot of happy families in that time.

Their latest release, Big Hero 6 has already topped $110 million at the box office. Let’s take a look shall we? Parents are out of the picture, for unknown reasons, with two brothers raised by their aunt (no uncle) and then the older brother, the father figure, dies in a horrible accident.

I understand the need for diversity and all that, but what makes companies (DC Comics, Marvel Comics) think everyone needs a fucked up childhood to make an interesting protagonist.