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No need to explain. Let’s dive right in.

Thunder flashed. This had been the beginning of one of the stories he was always reading the weather would have been quite appropriate. Instead, this is just the end.

He is enjoying the rain. Heavy and all-consuming. If he stuck his hand out as far as he could reach the couldn’t even see his fingers. Everyone else that under tarps, he couldn’t blame them. Everyone should’ve seen it coming. Well, should have and no one still did. No one ever checked the weather Channel. If they did they didn’t believe it.

He didn’t know why he had come. Okay, that was a lie. She knew why he was here. Everyone else knew why he was here. They were all here for the same reason. Fuck that! Nobody wanted him here. Being here made him uncomfortable.

Up and down the street nothing moved. Why would it be couldn’t see 15 inches in front of his face nobody wanted to chance driving. Out of habit he checked his watch. The LED lights flickered out. Somehow water had managed find its way through the cracks. So much for weatherproof.

Thoughts: Really? I said all that? NaNoWriMo doesn’t encourage on the fly editing. That’s for alter, if I like any of the ideas.

Okay, so I messed up the tense quite a bit. I think, since this was a bunch of voice dictation, it got confused because I slur was and is when I speak. I need to pay more attention to that.

Glad this is just a draft. I think I’m working through a bunch of cliches here. Inevitably, this remains just set up and fluff as I try to find the voice of a piece. In the end, I think it’s just a really long set up for a bad joke about weatherproof/waterproof watches.