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Hey, everyone. I must, unfortunately, put aside my blog for the foreseeable future. Mostly, actually, till the end of October. A friend forced me to confront the idea that I’ve been postponing completing the final draft of my novel out of fear. That I’m using it’s existence as crutch to not move forward with the writing and publishing process.

He is, of course, correct. To that end, I am suspending all scheduled posts on this blog for the rest of this month. I’ve been trying to divert my attention to both and I feel that neither project really gets the attention it deserves, which is a shame, because I have so much more to say on Names and Titles.

This is me buckling down and moving forward to the next phase: getting my hopes crushed by an editor. WOOOH! Wish me well.

The next expected post should be the Book Review for The Magicians 02. Hint: Book One was better. Please look forward to it in two weeks.