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Not sure this particular post needs any introduction anymore. Here we go, a review of where I stand at the end of the month.

Words for August: 8,221

Words per day: 274.03

Words for 2014: 64,321

Hours: 30.5

Music to Listen While Writing: Nothing got me in a groove this month…

Book update: 

  1. Chapter 01-03 – finalized
  2. Chapter 04-06 – final read aloud, then finalize.
  3. Chapter 07-19 – to be hunting, read aloud
  4. Chapter 20 – Revisions

Okay, so September is a case of numbers not telling the entire story (kind of like baseball, actually). Strictly speaking, I didn’t hit any of my goals, except for the book status.

See, that’s sort of the problem. Based on last months assessment, I stopped counting a few things. The time I worked on this blog, for instance, the words I wrote in this blog. So those words and the time it took to craft them disappear. I’ve also started the stage of editing for the “to be” hunting where not many new words will appear. I can’t claim them as having been written, so any progress made won’t go towards word counts. But… if I’m being honest, the Mariners post season hopes were a major factor. I try to work with them on in the background and it just never goes well.

In terms of additional reasons, I picked up the Magicians on the 20th, finished it on Sept 27. By the 30th, I had read the remaining two books in the Magicians Trilogy. I picked up a book and couldn’t put it down. Been a while since that happened. Book reviews will be posted shortly and in order. Please, look for my review of the Magicians, by Lev Grossman, this Saturday.

Until then: my goals for October:

  1. Complete “To Be” phase of hunt.
  2. Find agents to submit to
  3. Polish query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters
  4. Keep up with my blog!