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Ever hear of the idea that someone is ‘in love with what they’ve written’? In the context I’ve experienced it, that’s almost always a bad thing. It’s someone else’s way of criticizing whatever you’ve written, because they either don’t like it themselves or don’t understand it.

The rational part of me says that that’s okay. Someone else needs to look at your work, criticize it, tell you when it’s not working. That’s what you ask them to do.

But… no, I don’t feel like that doing that right now. Fuck that. (Am I allowed to curse on my own blog? That’s a decent question, actually)

See, here’s the thing. As the writer, you’re allowed to fall in love with a line or a scene you’ve written. Everything doesn’t always have to make sense to the reader. Yes, you’re writing for them and yes, most of the time, I suppose it would be good to have the reader understand what you’re saying, but you don’t always have to do that.

For personal taste, you can toss things around, have your characters or narrators say stuff that’s out of left field. Some times, you can keep the line you live, because, screw the reader, you wrote it and you deserve to take some pride in it, even if no one else understands.

PS: In full disclosure, I’m writing this in retaliation against my brother, who made several comments, well intended and requested, about a draft and I decided I would ignore his advice because, well, I was the writer and if he cared badly enough, he could write his own stuff.