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Nothing is more amazing than late night writing. Well, okay, that’s actually not true. Plenty of things generate a substantially greater sense of elation than late night writing. But… late nights hold a certain appeal. A romantic quality.

I couldn’t honestly tell you if my best ideas come out at night or not. I know that I work better after 10 P.M. however.

Some of this tends to be problematic for my “real world” life. I have a mood disorder, which requires a steady, consistent sleep cycle. Staying up till 3 A.M. on weekends doesn’t do me any favors when I need to get up for work on Monday.

Still, when I was between jobs I worked all night. Those are the hours where an indefinable, yet almost tangible motivation pulls me to write and work, where the stress bleeds away and all that’s left is the creativity.

I’ll leave you with this, a scene from the West Wing, Season 02, Episode 07: the Portland Trip. Written by Aaron Sorkin.

C.J.: Speaking of which, Mr. President, I was asked about the late departure tonight.


BARTLET: A long flight across the night? You know why late flights are good? Because we cease to be earthbound and burdened with practicality. Ask the impertinent question. Talk about the idea nobody has thought about yet. [pointing to Sam] Put it a different way.

SAM: Be poets.

BARTLET: If you absolutely must.

SAM: Tell Toby.


TOBY: Mr. President…

BARTLET: Mao took a lot of long plane flights, Toby. Look out your window. Is there anything more romantic than that? [pointing out cabin window]