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Monthly update time. I know, I did some of this earlier this week. But, honestly, I lost track of time.

Words for August: 18,145

Words per day: 585.3

Words for 2014: 58,100

Hours: 37.5 (considering I spent most of this month spending time with my brother before he left, I’ll take the in heartbeat)

Music to Listen While Writing: One Ok Rock. Two Steps from Hell. Not as good as This Will Destroy You, but decent enough.

Book update: 

  1. Chapter 01-03 – finalized
  2. Chapter 04-06 – final read aloud, then finalize.
  3. Chapter 07-12 – to be hunting, read aloud
  4. Chapter 13 – revision (ready for ‘to be hunting’ by tonight)
  5. Chapter 14-18 – to be hunting, read aloud
  6. Chapter 19 – #&$%@^*!!! – This thing hates me.
  7. Chapter 20 – Revisions

All in all, I don’t think this month went poorly. Not at the same level as July, but close. And, considering all the upheaval in my personal life, I’ll take that. Still, I find it depressing that I think that 37 hours in a month is good. I used to put that much time in for one week. (When I was unemployed) But still… I need to get better. This is a part time job. At this rate, I’m barely putting in 9 hours a week. That needs to be upwards of 15-20. Goal for September! Wooh…