On occasion, life gets in the way of the best of intentions. I haven’t made much progress in terms of editing recently. Certainly, not as much as I would have liked. The reasons—whether or not they matter—go in this order:

  1. My brother just packed up and left the country. Moved to Australia. So, I was spending quality time with him before he left.
  2. Discovered chapter 13 had a whole mess of problems I’d been ignoring. Almost entirely scratched. Good news is, I remembered I had a white board and went back and story-boarded the entire thing. Think I have solid handle on things now.
  3. Did I mention my twin brother left? Seriously, that was a big thing. Despite having done this on no less than three previous occasions. Leave the country, I mean. But, family… right?
  4. It turns out, baseball is fairly distracting. And the Mariners are relevant for the first time in over a decade.

So, where does that leave me? Let’s take a look.

Chapter 01-03 – finalized

Chapter 04-06 – final read aloud, then finalize.

Chapter 07-12 – to be hunting, read aloud

Chapter 13 – ugh….

Chapter 14 – to be hunting, read aloud

Chapter 15 – to be hunting, read aloud

Chapter 16 – revision

Chapter 17 – to be hunting, read aloud

Chapter 18 – revision

Chapter 19 – ugh….

So, that’s not all bad. I just thought I’d have more completed for sure by this point. But, life, sometimes. If everything goes as planned, it should all be at the “To Be hunting” phase by the end of next week.

What’s next? Well, my editor has decided she wants to take a vacation… Seriously? What the heck! Anyway, she’ll be gone till midway through November, so I have to also write up a ton of posts between now and the end of next week for her to review. Or is that part like making laws and sausages? Too much?

Anyway, please, look forward to my next book review: coming the first Saturday in September.