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Ideas! Ideas are simultaneously the fun part of writing and the insurmountable obstruction to completing a tale. The fun is in knowing I have all these ideas, story boards flashing across my mind. The downside is, of course, knowing that there are often too many ideas to put on paper.

Not to come across as too depressed about the issue, but ideas don’t mean much if they can’t help establish a story. Just as, sometimes, stories have too many ideas that aren’t properly fleshed and seemed tossed in just for the sake of creating more action.

Knowing which idea leads to which story is part of the fun. Extrapolating scenes from ideas. Not every story emerges perfectly forged by the fire of ideas and tempered by editing.

Each story is allowed to morph as it is written, as ideas come together. Sometimes, that means one idea that I really like just isn’t meshing with the others and I throw it out. Actually, it means that a lot. Thankfully, I can just add those ideas to a “scrap thoughts” document and save it for another story.

What ideas inspire you? What small details spark an entire universe?