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More quotes and One Liners. Seven quotes of profound self-importance, yes? Excellent. Let’s begin.

Is faith an anathema to reason or just the irreconcilable nature of the human condition known as pride?


I’m not asking to be saved. I’m asking for strength, to be strong. For the strength to save others from the wretched weakness that curdles my soul.


Only your faith, like your imagination, limits you.


“I can give you the tools. Take away all that stands in your way. What would be done in anger, I can undo. Reforge your soul and Flame. Give you Conviction and Will to see it through. I can take away your sorrow.”

“No. Leave the sorrow. Give me the strength to see what must be done, but let my sorrow define me.”


Let me get this straight: you were working for her—she was working for them; was anyone on that ship working for me?


You reek of faith.


Faith cannot be ancillary to living. Nor can faith alone justify existence. Something more begs existence.


Thoughts: I seem to have a fascination with faith in these quotes. Guess that happens some times. I should note—though I have no particular interest in creating a defense for something that doesn’t actually exist—that despite appearances, I have no grudge against faith itself, only in the application of that faith to actively harm someone else. The idea of belief in a higher power fascinates me.

In many ways, I wish I could believe, but as my brother suggested, I will probably never do so. Faith requires something beyond logic and my desire for a rational explanation will always get in the way.

Does anyone else enjoy writing random quotes and seeing if characters develop? Would it be more accurate to say that characters give you the quotes, in their voices, and we just need to discover where they want to speak them?