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Recent events have caused me to give serious reconsideration to the way I edit my writing. As it currently stands, I go through several drafts, but each time I do so, I retype everything I’ve written. This is useful in that I can tweak my wording and it allows me to change the minor elements of flow in each draft.

However, the major drawback is the time consuming nature of this approach. If I retype the new draft each and every time, I am essentially quadrupling the number of words I need to type. With my hand disorder, I need to minimize the beating my hands take.

On a good night, on a good day, I can write about 3000 to 4000 words, pure writing or a combination of writing and editing. Beyond that, I can push my hands but the accumulated damage makes working the next day questionable.

My main thought on correcting this is to use voice commands to write my initial drafts. This would save significant wear-and-tear on my hands, but also speed up my overall timeline. But, this only helps initially. The more drafts that I do, the more I’ll be required to retype everything and follow my own drafts. Part of the issue, and I think this will get better with time and practice, is realizing what segments of story that I’ve written already work. That will necessitate less pure rewrites. Part of that’s simply story, but knowing the story ties into how much and often I have to retype things.

The real issue does circle back around to time. I simply can’t type fast enough to make my current style work. Eventually, I’m going to have to develop a new plan.