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Short creative conversation. Nothing deep or learned today. Just some thoughts on the page. That’s okay, sometimes. If it’s just work all the time, even writing isn’t fun.

The piece is a little strange. I don’t really remember writing this. Sometimes that happens, too.

We were men of vision once. Of justice. Wooed by eternal Darkness with the only thing worthwhile, saving our world. You know the tale, told a thousand times over, every generation. Now, only our sin remains, tempered by the memory of what was, what we were, and burned into the unconscious mind of the universe. What I did was for everyone I ever loved, damning myself in the process. Because, that’s the only way worth living, the freedom of my friends at the cost of my soul. This is the way of the world. This is my life.

Then we have a problem. Because I haven’t given up my morals.

What good are morals at the feet of a dead universe?

The only thing that separates us from them. Us and the dead.

No one’s going to remember you. I take comfort in that. No one remembers the Just. Only our Evil survives: pressing man with the need, the desire, the will to become stronger, to overcome, leaving only the memories, imprinted instincts. We rage against the darkness, not because that is what we are, but because that is what we must become. The dark side of the coin we flip. We raised ourselves from the darkness. Not those Teachers, Preachers, or Saints. We pulled ourselves up, by the bootstraps because it was the only way we knew how. The worst possible methods be damned.

I’m supposed to take comfort in that?

You get to live, don’t you? Prove me wrong.

I enjoyed working on this. Writing without names or purpose is harder. You have to let the reader follow the conversation based on personality queues and inference. That’s a first pass. Not exactly sure what’s in it. A little on the nose, sure. Preachy, certainly.

None of that means anything without weight or presence. I’m not sure this piece has that. Not yet. Maybe, if I could find some good characters or a story to build around it.