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I’ve decided to try entering the Fall Sixfold competition. Nothing new, just the same story I submitted for the Winter competition. This time though, I took the comments I got from the last competition and tried to improve on them.

Looking at my short story again, I realized how important it is for me to continue to write short stories. They allow for creative freedom and the chance to spread my wings, act as a test bed for different styles and metaphors. Also, short stories let me play with the smaller moments, character interactions that might otherwise be lost in the struggle of an overarching narrative and plot progression.

Once again, when the time is up, I will post the comments and my thoughts on those comments here. Hopefully, this turns out better than last time, where one moron didn’t even submit a vote, so I got 0 out of 5.

Oh, on a side note, but no less important, I’d like to publicly welcome my blog editor. Carolezee. She’s a friend of mine who is much smarter than I am and has graciously decided to give time every week to keeping me on task and to editing my posts. While we haven’t quite worked out that relationship, I’m sure as always, good things will happen as trust grows. So, say hello and thank you to Carolezee.