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I think, one of things I forgot was that this needs to be fun. As in, always. Blogging isn’t my job. Yes, one day, I may have aspirations for being a professional writer one day, but for now, it isn’t.

This is probably that cliche that sounds simple but isn’t. The hardest part is that the best ideas seem to come at work. Is it the tension of the work day? That force that makes me strive to do my job well seeping into my creative sphere? I would venture to say “yes.” If only because when I was between jobs last year, I found that I could easily work for hours on end.

In this regard, I would then assume that it’s sort of a “finite energy” sort of deal. All my energy goes into my professional gig, and so, when I’m home, I’m absolutely wiped.

Again, writing for fun… Have to keep that in mind.

Also, please look forward to my first monthly book review, coming on Saturday!