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So, yes. I’ve been silent recently. I feel bad about that. Really, I do. The thing about this is that I’ve been working with a friend of mine, Elizabeth DiFiore, who writes a wonderful blog about stalking people at Starbucks, the Danger of Going to Starbucks. That particular process has lead to me taking a short break as I try and refine my purpose here.

I think the normal procedure here is to make these changes and never talk about them to anyone. I’m not sure I can work that way. I have to explain my thought process, to write it or speak it. In fact, that’s part of the reason I even write this blog. If I didn’t, these thoughts just sit there and never get out, often getting lost as the next, less pressing issue, comes up. An active manifestation of procrastination and lack of progress.

Which brings me here, changing in some subtle ways, how I actively pursue my writing. Hopefully, those will reflect themselves in more consistent and more polished blog posts.

I’m talking about presenting myself in a professional manner. If the goal is ultimately to publish, then this blog cannot remain a haphazard production of thoughts. Rather, these ideas need to be more cohesive. That means two things, in no particular order:

  1. Consistant publishing. I mean to publish consistently, at the same time each week. That time will be 12pm, every Tuesday. Readers should have a reasonable expectation for when content appears, instead of hoping that someone refreshes the page until new content appears.
  2. Editing. I’m not referring to grammar, though that couldn’t hurt. I mean, refining each post, so that they aren’t unnecessarily long or winding. (This one might be getting there)

Also, book reviews are changing. I’ll be posting reviews on the 1st Saturday of each month. These reviews will be more than just quickie reviews that you can find on some place like rottentomatoe.com or IGN on comics. If a story is worth discussing, it should be examined in depth.

Clearly, I’m still learning. I know I should post occasional quick posts, but I need to think about when that’ll happen. I’ll probably designate Monday’s a news day, where I post links to a couple of interesting interviews on writing from authors or bloggers that I’ve discovered, recent or not.

As always, this is all subject to change. But, it’s worth thinking about, right? This isn’t just about getting my thoughts on paper now. It’s about sharing those thoughts with others who can share a conversation and discuss them. Otherwise, I’m just talking to myself, and I can do that on my couch without this.