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This week? Somehow, I’ve got nothing to write about. I’ve spent most of the last week transitioning to a new a job, which entitles me to more work for the same pay, but less crappy direct interaction with the awkward coworkers. 

I’m trying to find  the energy to bubble up form the quagmire that is my life. In all honestly that emptiness exists to drive me, just as much as the goals and energy.

And, a major part of that is just the realization that it takes longer to write and edit than I might want to otherwise imagine. Too much revision for the final book.

Which means it’s not a blockage so much as a growing weariness with the content that I an continuously revising. I want to this completed, but I know that can’t happen until book one is finished. But, hours and hours later, I’m still trying to capture the sense of book one. I’m almost too a point of weariness. It’s how do I say what I know, describe it such that images easily fill the readers mind.

These choices are sometimes inspired, other times they are just forced. With those thoughts in mind, tonight’s creative righting shall be forced: Potential but raw.

I went back and found the first thing I can remember writing. So, tell me, how much better have I gotten? Or is this all an illusion and a waste of grammar.


They are the Dark, people with the blood of animals. Grace Young is a young woman with a dark secret; she is a were-cat, with the ability to transform into a house cat. Hiding the fact that she is a were-cat she sets of into the world ashamed and scared of what she truly is. After going to school she becomes a governess at a rich mans mansion. As it turns out her master is a master of the air magic and is a were-tiger. She agrees to marry him after knowing and teaching his little sister for three years. By know she is nineteen. As she lives at his house she meets a mysterious youth about her age. He lives in a hut on the outer edge of the forest in the territory of the wolves. Grace eventually meets him after he takes her in during a heavy rainstorm. She gets to know him and she senses something different about him. Because she has deadened her feline senses she misses the fact that he is a werewolf. Something about him entrances her and continually goes to visit him. Though his cloths are ragged and torn his manner is polite, courteous and honest. The were-tiger is enraged when he finds out about it. Together Grace and the young servant run away using horses because Grace will not change even to avoid capture. Grace is always a loner and a quiet composed person, hiding her true feelings, as she believes that they bring her closer to her animal side. One rainy day she was at home and looked out a window to contemplate by herself. Outside was a young man, possible eighteen. Alone he sat outside on the grass as the rain poured over him. She asked who he was and found out he was a servant for the manner. She goes outside to comfort him and detects the scent of a were-beast on him.

Not really sure what the point of that was. I was somewhere between 12-15 because that’s when I read the book that inspired me in the world of fantasy. Lackey, Mercedes wrote the Fire Rose. Oddly, I didn’t recognize the Beauty and the Beast influences until much later.

However, I spent years trying to find it, with only the generic plot in hand, which Google would look at and spit out laughingly as detail. This book also established what I found to be unique treatments of magic interaction. That is to say, the fire users hate other fire users, and water despises water, and so forth. 

So, as always, the story of the first thought it inescapable. I also know I was plotting this out while I was supposed to be doing research at the local library for my senior thesis. Kind of makes you wonder which project the time was better spent on?

See you Thursday!