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On the creative process and the gap that exists between what I feel when I write and what shows up on the page. This video, shown to me by Jodie Llewellyn, articulates everything I ever thought I’d feel about that process. The point is this video. Go ahead, watch it.


I wanted to say, that since I’ve been doing this, and I have been reading and writing since I was what, fifteen? Certainly, not with the consistency that I have wanted, but that’s not really the point.

I mean, I’m getting here. In the last year, for sure, that’s when I’ve felt the work start to click. And, I don’t mean, like… oh, I’ve been staring at this page and all of a sudden this process makes sense (though there is an aspect of that on occasion) but I mean, my skill and knowledge base is starting catch up to my taste. I can see it in the first drafts, in the way words come to me for particular situations, much more quickly than they have before.

Editing? Yeah, absolutely that still exists, but the fact that I can look a a piece I’ve written and legitimately feel like it’s good work? That’s new. That’s only been around since, probably October or November of 2013, the first time I’ve submitted work that I felt was publishable. It didn’t win, but again, not the point.

Now, I think I’m getting there. Time to find out if anyone else does, when I go searching for an agent.