This is just a cat. I swear. Actually, this is inspired by my cats, mostly Rasta (who is a girl). She has a “don’t give a shit” attitude, which also seeps into her “I’m adorable. You know you’ll give me attention” attitude.


Rasta is on the left. Cleo, her smaller sister, is on the right. Cleo is not the inspiration for this small segment. Cleo… will drop everything she is doing for a petting, and will just start purring, over any contact. Then she drools… Yeah…


The cat, which was feeling the summers heat, had taken up residence on the carpet in the bathroom floor. This was not the first place I had seen her today, the second being not her usual perch on the windowsill but beneath my girlfriend computer chair, as she fidgeted ever so often. This was my second passing of the bathroom in as many minutes. This time, I stopped and considered the moment. The cat barely looked at me with dull uninterested eyes before slowly sliding her eyelids shut again.

A few minutes later, I returned. This time to use the bathroom. Turning on the light and locking the door behind me, I wondered how she would react. As a took my seat on the toilet, she looked at me with eyes that could not have been more uninterested, readjusted her front paws momentarily as if mini-stretching, and then, having apparently decided I was either not a threat or just as unimportant in her life, calmly went back to sleep and whatever dreams awaited her.

Thoughts: So, yes, cats. It’s just a small moment. Not really important in the grand scheme of things. Which is why I like it.