All stories have memorable quotes and great one liners. Often, no one knows what will be remembered. An amazing quote you think everyone’s going to remember, no one does.

So, here are a series of one liners and quotes. They don’t matter, none are related to the next.


If thunder is the birthright of the world, then lightning is the inestimable counter measure to the pride of the few. – Arturous Windplains – First of the Elite and Last of the Lancers

Fly with me into the Line of Tomorrow, where the true night never fades and sun is always just rising. Mighty constellations fall and simplest dreams rise. Fly with me on the wings of tears and compassion, where vividly Time shall pass in an everlasting instant. – Emillious Hawq – Guardian of Twilight

If you value liberty and personal freedom that much, I’ll say a prayer for your corpse when the rescue ship arrives. If not, get your ass over here and work. 

An impossible world with a lonely wandering god and vast mountains of emerald snow and iron red mountains, where the grass tastes like apples and the wind of lemon. An impossible world, and the death of all that I know in my soul. – Victus Samperus – Mad Prophet for the Ancient

Tempting fate? You can’t. Fate is what it is and it certainly doesn’t care what you do.

Chivalry isn’t dead. Feminism just beat it into a coma.

It’s possible to care for more than more person at once. Being faithful is another matter entirely.

Are you sure—are you positive to your core—you know what right is? Good. Remember that feeling. And pray, when the time comes, it isn’t wrong. – Felicia-Maria, Lady and Dark Master

Thunder is a weapon unto itself. And will burn you for tempting it’s usage and daring control of its might. – the First Lancer

Followed closely the Shadow of Sleep mirrors her cousin, the Shadow of Death. The uneasy laughter that follows is the only comfort to the inevitable fact of every life.  – Allex K Espinosa, last President of the Human Empire

And there were words spoken, words that could not be unsaid, words that need to be said. Silence fell on deaf ears, while thunder hummed in the most distant background.

Death becomes us, the only grace given graciously by the gods.

Cyclical nature is a bitch. – Peter Zytal, Arcturus of the Neverending

Thunder is the apex of power, the pinnacle of the gods, and the fall of the well intentioned.

Rage is defined as the incomprehensible sorrow of the universe channeled through your soul by way of a distorted and cracked mirror. Which means I have no idea what I’m talking about. – Sypher Hawq

If Thunder is birthright of the gods …. Then despair and betrayal is the birthright of humanity – Laynie Z Nell.

You make the insipid of the inspired. – Sypher Hawq.

Thoughts: One of my favorite quotes ever is from Harry Potter, books 5, I think. Dumbledore says “I will not be so arrogant as to claim responsibility for the whole.” That quote has stayed with me, even though it’s a throw away. It has power, speaking to the nature of Dumbledore’s character, but also to how people perceive blame, for themselves and others.

That’s how I view these quotes. Well, in the fact that I enjoy them. I’m not even sure I have places for all of them yet. Maybe, one day, someone else will remember what I wrote in a manner that I had forgotten. Not every quote will leave an indelible mark on the reader. But, hey, these were fun.

Some of these I’ll never remember. Others stay with me, because they say so much about a character in that line. Others might just be cool.