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So, I’ll admit it. I’ve been a bit of a failure at my own goals, so far this year.

From my own word count, in January, I only managed about 204 words per day. Now, I have an excuse for that: I was moving and, with editing my novel, I didn’t have as much time for writing.

See, that’s still an excuse. You know how I know? Because I experienced it. Any time, I could have found the 30 minutes in a day to sit down and just hammer out some thoughts. But, somehow I didn’t. When you think about the fact that my job requires something like 60 words per minute (maybe it’s 55), accurately transcribed without mistakes, that means if I wrote for ONLY 30 minutes a day, I could write 1650 words per day. Well above my estimated goal of 1250.

Actually, now that I’ve said that out loud (relatively speaking) it kind of makes me wonder what’s so hard about that. Yes, yes: there are other factors, like actually thinking of an idea as you type, which will slow you down. But I wrote this post in about 10 minutes and it’s 267 words. That’s about 27 words a minute. Shouldn’t that say something for a rough draft, free writing exercise?

(And having carpel tunnel…)

I guess, in perspective, it’s about motivating yourself just sit down and not find excuses or distractions. I know I’ll get better. After all, last year, I managed the 500 words per day for over six months. With the math right in front of me, I can see how easily I can reach it.

Now, to just sit down and do it!