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The title has the unfortunate implication of reading as if I prefer one over the other. The truth is far more sadistic.

When I read, I am all consumed with reading and find little time for writing. When I am writing, I am all-consumed with writing and find little time for reading. That’s an unfortunate balance, isn’t it? Absorbing voice of book you’re reading. Time consumption.

The average person reads about 300 words a minute. That means to read a book like Outlanders, which has 640 pages and more words than the average 250 on a page, takes a serious commitment. Not that I’m not willing to do that, but it takes away time from writing and editing. When I read, I want to belong to that world. Not an hour here or there.

When I edit, I can work for an hour or two without the break, but then it’s a process too.

So, what do you do? How do you balance reading and writing? Or is it, as a friend of mine suspects, an impossible task.