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Inspiration is an interesting topic. Where do writers draw the line between taking a cue or inspiration for a line and whole-sale plagiarism? I don’t have an interesting in rehashing plagiarism, but the inspiration part intrigues me. Every idea comes from somewhere, someone.

Yes, for those who care about spoilers (though since I’m not published, meh), spoilers shall be contained within.

Every thing inspires me, moments in time or lyrics in a song. In fact, I know when Laynie Nell’s character crystallized for me. I was in college, sitting in a friends room, watching them play Warcraft. It was actually my friend Andrew, who co-hosts the hibernating blog Broken Baseball Services with me. Anyway, our friend Justin happened to be playing a song by Imogen Heap, “Hide and Seek.”

Oily marks appear on walls/Where pleasure moments hung before.

I guess the implication has something to do with having sex and hands smearing across a wall, covered in sweat and the oily marks are the hand prints smeared across the path of the hand. At least, that’s what I took from the lyrics. What I feel when I hear those words. Yet, that’s not where the inspiration would wind up.

The inspiration came in the form of the White Hand that appears sporadically around the Elite Force. When I imagine the hand, it’s not like the White Hand from the Lord of the Rings. Instead, a hand sprint, smudged against the wall, glittering in the night light like a fogged up car.

Interestingly, song lyrics inspire me in ways much deeper than other inspirations. Another take is the song “Book of Days” by Enya. The Book of Days… When I first heard this song, I was listening to a cd player in high school before first period English. The words, I’m not sure what i thought of them then. But the image has stayed with me, forming the concept before a powerful book of spells too dangerous for the world to use.

In reality, the name of a new age world music song inspired an entire key plot point. Strange as it sounds.

Every day I was the world, I see inspiration, where that’s in conversations I have with others or ideas in television and books and movies, so that’s a taste of what inspires me and how that transpires. IF you want to know more, leave a message and we discuss what causes in inspiration.