So, today we’ll be meeting Rogers Barnette, Reclaimer, Susan Bones, Mary Bones, and Kale Oberon. This will round out the remainder of the recurring cast of cadets. That isn’t to say that other characters aren’t mentioned and don’t play roles but these comprise the recurring cast.

Rogers [Æternitatis] Barnette – male


Hun Xue’Er – white ram

Affiliations: Red Squad

Appearance: n/a

Notes: quiet student. He is often seen in the library with his nose in a book. He acts as the librarian but isn’t really helpful to students who come looking for help, mostly because he’s so absorbed in whatever research or reading he’s doing. He also sees those in the library as a distraction. Friend with Felicia-Maria. She’ll consult him in book two and other times.

Born under Mhrphyes

He’s possibly one of my favorites. Because he is such a stick in the mud and all the other cadets see him as such but in the end, when it really counts, he takes a step back to let Stein and Jen attempt to rescue Felicia-Maria, the girl he thinks of as perhaps his only real friend. There’s something sad about that quality.

His callsign Æternitatis means enternity. He represents the physical emodiment of the enternal concepts such as informatoin and friendship.

Moira [Reclaimer] Braeden Fallon – female


Myst Islander – Priteni Sect

Affiliations: Red Squad, Fury Alley, Rebel

Appearance: Unseasonably pale, freckles, fiery red hair, emerald eyes

Notes: First appears as a Sixth in book one. She is serious, mostly business.

Mary [Ice Walker] Bones – female


Gong Zhen; Shuang Xizhue Gul

Affiliations: Color of the Seven Swords, Fury Alley, Elite Lancer, Frosty Forge Diplomatic Corps,

Appearance: Pale skin, each hair on her body is a red and orange flame. Eyes change color with embers depending on mood. Her skin color also changes, depending on her flames.

Notes: Elder sister of Same [Bones] Bones. Parents are diplomats from two race. She is fanciful, protective, and like Athena, thought made form. She is very close to Felicia-Maria, including a bond that goes beyond the antagonism of their mutual elemental types.

Despite element types being the same, good friends with Felicia.

Kale [Chuckles] Oberon – male


Hun Xue’Er – golden retriever

Affiliations: none known

Appearance: n/a

Notes: A bit arrogant and pompous. He comes from a family in the upper level of society. Friends with Sypher from a young age. A bit entitled. He and Laynie do not get along. At all. Could be seen as taking natural talent from granted.

I don’t like his character. That’s why he’s a dog. I don’t particularly think Oberon is a nice person, and that is why I made him a dog, because I don’t like dogs.