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It’s the time of week again. Character profiles. As always, there will be spoilers inside. But, again, much of the information probably doesn’t actually appear in the books. This week features Henry Yung, the last of the Dark Masters, and Susan Hawq, Sypher’s twin sister. Also, Laynie Nell. Neither Laynie nor Susan can be considered primary characters. They are definitely important characters.

Henry [the Doctor] Yung – male, unknown

get_backers_v39_183Alias: Yuan Yuè Liang, Xing Wai Dah

Wind, Time

Official: Shuang Xizhue Gul

Affiliations: the Dark Masters, Fury Alley, Greyhaven, Safehaven, Bas Seal, Morgue,

Appearance: Pale, white skin. Emerald eyes. Left eye scarred. Layered light and medium brown hair. Parted on the right side. Bangs reach mouth, stops shorter at neck. Right handed. Hooded green t-shirt. Dark forest green sleeves and hood, lighter moss green body. Black long sleeves underneath. Rectangular glasses.

Notes: Zhi Huei name translates as [the moon shines full, strike beyond the stars]

Introduced as First Year cadet. Age: 19. Actual age: 517. Plays the violin. Familiar: High Born. Possesses Time, Space KttT book one; gains Wind book two.

Enjoys breeding animals, the snow, rainy days, spending time with maids and servant. His friends. Dislikes loud people.

Henry doesn’t often speak unless he has a specific purpose. Initially teamed with Felicia-Maria as her forensic partner he quits due to his preference for not seeing the battlefield anymore. He instead joins the Morgue, much cheerier. Henry is the last of the main characters. A Dark Master.

He has little regard for the laws against genetic engineering, have written a text book on the matter and continues to find ways to circumventing the rules. In the book 2, he breeds foxes with wings.

Familiar name: Paint the Seven Winds, Moonfeather

Susan [Four Corners] Hawq – female


Hun Xue’Er – white fox

Affiliations: Red Squad, Fury Alley, Color of the Seven Swords, Elite Operator, Elite Lancer

Appearance: Fox. Pure white.

Notes: Sypher’s twin sister. Stein’s close friend. She writes Dark Masters paper in book 2. Computer expert. Voice of radio presence in book 2. Thinks of Stein as her younger brother. Refers to the Elite Force as the E.F. As much an information broker as Felicia-Maria, she simply happens to operate in different circles.

She is in every sense identical to Sypher with two exceptions, her chosen animal is a arctic fox instead of a red fox and she’s female. Otherwise, she smells the same, same weight, height. And, yes, while I’m at it, since foxes don’t have boobs, she’s got the same dimensions as Sypher too.

She is not a major character. I don’t have a sketch of her. Well, I do but it’s horrible. Either way, I just said she’s identical to Sypher. What more were you looking for?

Laynie [Backslider] Zhetner Nell – female


Myst Islander – Caledonia Sect

Affiliation: Rebel

Appearance: Pale, ash blonde hair, blue eye. Glasses. Pale skin, but not too pale.

Notes: She is Stein’s first friend and also his main romantic interest in the first book. She doesn’t things for her own interest. When we first meet her, she’s trying to hack into the Elite Force computer infrastructure for her own purposes.

She is intended, I would say, to represent humans in the purest sense. What that means will become clearer later on. She’s always smiling, and is a skilled fighter.

Despite the dangers of making her complete name known, the magical implications are very dangerous for a shaper, she shows absolute confidence in her skill by announcing her full name to anyone she meets. Sypher thinks this is odd, but she’s completely justified in her abilities. She tends to think outside the box in terms of solutions.

She views Sypher as her best, non-Islander friend and Stein as her lover.

Familiar name: Burn the Rain, Fallon

Next Time: That covers all the main characters. Primary? Next time I’ll cover some of the antagonists and minor characters. I love minor characters. The unknown aspects of them are fascinating.